Thursday, December 29, 2011

Weecology can has new mammal dataset

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So the Weecology folks have published a large dataset on mammal communities in a data paper in Ecology.  I know nothing about mammal communities, but that doesn't mean one can't play with the data...

Their dataset consists of five csv files:  communities, references, sites, species, and trapping data.

Where are these sites, and by the way, do they vary much in altitude?

Let's zoom in on just 'the states'?

What phylogenies can we get for the species in this dataset?
We can use the rOpenSci package treebase to search the online phylogeny repository TreeBASE.  Limiting to returning a max of 1 tree (to save time), we can see that X species are in at least 1 tree on the TreeBASE database.  Nice. 

So there are 321 species in the database with at least 1 tree in the TreeBASE database.  Of course there could be many more, but we limited results from TreeBASE to just 1 tree per query. 

Here's the code:

Friday, December 23, 2011

Recology is 1 yr old...

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This blog has lasted a whole year already.  Thanks for reading and commenting.

There are a couple of announcements:
  1. Less blogging:  I hope to put in many more years blogging here, but in full disclosure, I am blogging for Journal of Ecology now, so I am going to be (and already have been) blogging less here. 
  2. More blogging:  If anyone wants to write guest posts at Recology on the topics of using R for ecology and evolution, or open science, please contact me! 
  3. Different blogging:  I was going to roll out the new dynamic views for this blog, but Google doesn't allow javascript, which is how I include code using GitHub gists. Oh well... 

Anywho, here is the breakdown of visits to this blog, visualized using #ggplot2, of course.  There were a total of about 23,000 pageviews in the first year of this blog.      Here is the pie chart code I used:

Visits to top ten posts:

Visits by by pages:

Visits by top referring sites:

Visits by country:

Visits by browsers:

Visits by operating system:

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Work For The Internet !

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UPDATE: code and figure updated at 647 AM CST on 19 Dec '11.  Also, see Jarrett Byrnes (improved) fork of my gist  here.

The site I WORK FOR THE INTERNET is collecting pictures and first names (last name initials only) to show collective support against SOPA (the Stop Online Piracy Act).  Please stop by their site and add your name/picture.

I used the #rstats package twitteR, created by Jeff Gentry, to search for tweets from people signing this site with their picture, then plotted using ggplot2, and also used Hadley's lubridate to round timestamps on tweets to be able to bin tweets in to time slots for plotting.

Tweets containing the phrase 'I work for the internet' by time:

Here's the code as a GitHub gist.   Sometimes the searchTwitter fxn doesn't returns an error, which I don't understand, but you can play with it: