Monday, February 28, 2011


New thoughts: After actually using it more, it is quite nice, but I have a couple of major issues.
1. The text editor is quite slow to scroll through.
2. ggplot2 graphics look bad, worse than if just running R alone.


Everyone seems to be excited about this...

Is it any good? Seems great for folks just learning R, but perhaps less ideal for advanced R users?


  1. um, I'm not sure that RStudio is for R novices...there's not menu driven stat-analytics, and everything has to be typed in (yes, there's a lot of help...but...)
    It's incredibly flexible and the integration is amazing...

  2. I meant more in terms of flexibility with the text editor, and lack of collapsible code blocks. Also, you can do 1 click installation of packages, which would make it easier to learn. I think it's a great IDE - I just wish it had more options, but it just came out so I'm sure many things will change.